Vinorels are the work of academic painter Mira Kovačević. They are painted with red wines, namely:
“Vožd Karađorđe” with wines from Topola and its surroundings and “Miloš Veliki” with wines from Smederevo and its surroundings.

Members of both Serbian royal families (Karađorđević and Obrenović) were lovers of vines and wine. They restored old and built new vineyards, built wine cellars, summer cottages, organized and celebrated grape harvests, participated in the work of wine cooperatives, produced and exported wines that were served at many European courts.

In the wine cellar of the Karađorđević family in Oplenac (Topola), top quality wines are still produced today. On the Plavinac hill near Smederevo, the former summer house of the Obrenović family and the vineyards around it, today represent a residential facility of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

During the reign of these two dynasties, several families in Serbia, including the Adamovićs from Novi Sad and the Mozers from Zemun, also rightly bore the epithet “royal”, because they created real wine empires in their world.

Cellar of the Royal Winery (1935)

Villa of the Obrenović dynasty (1903)


Inheriting the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and father, Aleksandar Šandor Adamović planted about 60 ha of vineyards on Fruška Gora, and began producing and bottling “Karlovački bermet”.


The Moser family moved to Zemun in 1809. . having bought two houses with a garden and a vineyard. The wine story was started by Bruno Moser Sr., who in 1919 . registered a company for the production of wine, brandy, spirits and sparkling drinks.