About us

Serbia, as a country with a rich wine history, culture and tradition, for decades was a great unknown, both to wine lovers from Europe and the world, and to those from Serbia itself.

In the last decade of the 20th century, with the arrival of a new social order, the awareness of winegrowers and winemakers began to awaken, and already in the first decade of the 21st century, with the import of knowledge and modern technology, a real wine revolution began in Serbia. Renewal of old and planting of new vineyards began, each year more and more quality grapes were harvested, and numerous awards that began to arrive from all over the world confirmed the high quality of the wine that comes from Serbia. The revolution is still going on today.

The winegrowers and winemakers have done their part. It was the turn of all those others who directly or indirectly participate in the Serbian wine scene. Their task is to show the world a new, beautiful face of Serbia, and to point out the rich tradition of Serbian winemaking and viticulture.

Based on this task, under the roof of the “Wine Treasure of Serbia”, we present our programs:

  • organization of exhibitions with exhibits from the “Golden Crown” collection,
  • organization of exclusive wine tours,
  • promotion of the wine-tourist “vinturs” card, and
  • sale of unique handmade wine souvenirs.

Wine treasure of Serbia

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