The exhibition in Kragujevac 2021.

The exhibition “Wine royal Serbia in 12 stories”, by Zoran Rapajić, was held from June 17 to July 1, 2021, in the art gallery in the Đura Jakšić Memorial House in Kragujevac.

At the opening of the exhibition, the speakers were: Maja Stanković, curator of the gallery, Dragan Reljić, manager of the Royal Winery in Oplenac, Leon Pogelšek, gallerist from Ljubljana and Zoran Rapajić, author of the exhibition. The moderator at the opening was Sanja Živković from the “Vuk Karadžić” National Library from Kragujevac.

Through twelve stories and over a hundred exhibits, the author of the exhibition connected wine stories from three time periods: the era of the Kingdom of Serbia, SHS and Yugoslavia, the era of the SFRY and the modern era. Stories bring together parts of our history, tradition, cultural-historical and wine heritage. They stretch through the most important wine regions of Serbia, enter royal courts, household cellars, winegrowers’ houses, inns, cooperatives…

With their presence at the opening of the exhibition and at the Royal tasting, Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica Karađorđević honored greatly the author and the organizers of the exhibition.

Other dear guests were representatives of the wineries Radovanović from Krnjevo, Malča from Niš, Despotik from Vlaški Dol, Art Wine from Kragujevac, Botunjac and Spasić from Župa, Plavinci from Belgrade, artists who donated their works to the future wine museum, distinguished business people from Belgrade and Kragujevac, as well as guests from San Francisco, Ljubljana and Sarajevo.

The wineries Aleksandrović and PIK Oplenac from Topola, Emporio from Belgrade as well as distillery Zarić from Kosjerić wholeheartedly helped the realization of this exhibition, but absence of their representatives was duly justified.

This event was also supported by the “Vuk Karadžić” National Library, Vinsko-Rakijski Hub and the Wine Knights’ Order of Šumadija from Kragujevac.

After the opening of the exhibition, guests were treated to Royal Tasting in the Wine-brandy hub, which is also located in the Đura Jakšić Memorial House, directly under the gallery.

Specialties prepared at the courts of Obrenović and Karađorđević were served, but, of course, in a modern arrangement, and they were paired with Šumadija wines from Aleksandrović, Despotika, PIK Oplenac, Art Wine and Radovanović wineries.

The guests were entertained by actor Saša Pilipović – Pile from Kragujevac in the role of Vladimir Fiat, gallerist, merchant and cook at the court of King Alexander the Unifier.

The artists who donated their works for both the exhibition and the future wine museum are: Marija Orčić, Mira Kovačević and Kosta Botunjac.

The exhibition was dedicated to Milutin Dedić, a great painter, publicist, travel writer, art historian and Bard of the Wine Routes of Serbia.